A big year story unlike any other

My Life in Birds: A True Story

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My Life in Birds is an autobiographical narrative of author Christian Hagenlocher's journey as a bird-obsessed travel junkie. The story describes how a passion for nature has vaulted the author over challenges and adversity, taking him on the wildest ride- a North American big year birding adventure. 

Since I was young, I've been fortunate to travel in search of birds. Having a father who was a pilot didn't hurt, and I spent weekends and holidays on airplanes, from coast to coast. I was chasing a dream of seeing all the birds in my bird book, one bird at a time.

Looking back, my childhood was a recipe with all of the right ingredients: curiosity, an insatiable appetite for reading, a love of collecting- mixed together in just the right proportions to create a dedicated student of the natural world. 

At the moment, My Life in Birds is going through the stages of editing, and will be self-published. Your contribution towards publishing costs and editing will help move this through to completion!


“Stories of the dark coastal forests of Alaska, the suburban deserts of Arizona, and the tropical islands of Hawaii amazed my family and friends, and before I was 20, someone told me I should write a book- and so the project began.

It wasn't until January of 2016 when the glue holding my life together came undone, and forced me to examine myself and push beyond what I thought possible. Following in the footsteps of legendary birder Kenn Kaufman, I attempted a budget-conscious big year, breaking records and writing about my adventures. 

Now,  I am editing my writing and turning it into a different kind of Big Year book, one that dissects the growth of my passion and lays out the recipe for others to pursue their own. For me, birds were the vehicle to explore myself and the world around me.”