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The Birding Project is pleased to partner with Maven for a Big Year! We're excited to get Maven into the field in the hands of birders! 


What is Maven?

 Maven's optics are turning heads, by offering customizable binoculars at an affordable price.  Based out of Lander, Wyoming, Maven makes quality gear for quality outdoor experiences- birding and hunting. Their passion for the outdoors is reflected in their innovative design, quality materials, and an unconditional lifetime warranty. Built to last, their gear stands above the rest. Give them a try- I guarantee you'll be impressed. 

A new company focused on the design and creation of innovative products for, and by, the modern outdoorsman.


Maven has built a clean, simple, sharp pair of binoculars that rival the best in the field. It's time to give up a one-size-fits-all approach to binoculars, and now you can customize your optics the way you want them. The time has come for birders to branch out away from an all-black or all-green color scheme, and not have to sacrifice quality. You should not have to choose between a high-end German binocular and a cheaper alternative that ends up breaking or taking a long time to replace or send in to be cleaned. Maven has brought home-grown quality and innovation from within the U.S.A. and is ready to serve the needs of birders.


Bird with Maven

Maven is touring the U.S. at sportsman shows to give you the opportunity to see the outdoors through their optics. The Birding Project also will be happy to let you check out the custom optics.

Please contact Maven or The Birding Project for more information.