connecting birders one story at a time

 Over the course of a year I asked dozens of people the same questions about birds. What I learned was fascinating



"My grandmother... had a friend who was a birder and she was given a Peterson guide. When she turned 90, [we took] Grandma to the Valley and it was probably going to be her last trip. We went... and saw all these great birds. She passed away in August that year. Of course i think about her every time I go out birding. I miss her. I feel like I have to keep her legacy going." 


Henry and Deb

While in upstate New York, I met this birding couple at Montezuma NWR looking for a Garganey. As we talked, I realized birding had brought them together- first as friends, and then their shared love for birds evolved into a mutual love for each other. They are involved in young birder programs, building a sense of community and teaching the next generation of birders.



"Birding is... the best way to learn about the planet and learn to appreciate what we have. I think that is what allows us to really try to affect change, and fight for protecting what natural spaces are left on the planet, and changing the attitudes of people so that we can hopefully begin to restore what we’ve lost and restore human connection with nature through birds." 

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