Help lift The Birding Project to new heights!


In January, I started The Birding Project with the last of my savings. I spent the month driving across the country working to figure out how I could inspire and help others while birding at the same time. 

We are all capable of more than we do.
— Mary Baker Eddy

The remainder of my adventures this year are up in the air. I've applied for grants, sponsorships, and jobs in order to stay on the road, meeting new birders and connecting new people with birds. As the result of a suggestion from another birder, I'm posting a "needs list" of resources that would help advance the progress of The Birding Project.


Travel funds

I currently can travel about 3,000 driving miles with my remaining gas budget. I'm washing dishes and saving money to get back on the road in April!

To lower my carbon emissions, I am working on a proposal to use an electric vehicle for the remainder of the year. Do you have contacts at Toyota or Tesla that can help? 


Airline Travel

Airline tickets are my biggest expense... I spent a nice chunk of money I saved on a ticket to Alaska. I don't have a ticket coming back to the lower 48 yet. Do you have air miles about to expire? I'll put them to use!  Donate them to The Birding Project as a tax write-off! 



As I travel on the road, I've been living out of the back of my Subaru sleeping in Wal-Mart parking lots. Nothing wrong with it, but if you have a couch or a floor- I'd love a crash pad! 


Local Knowledge

I'm always looking for local-area expertise. You know your birds better than I do, and I can't wait to learn from you! Please contact me if you'd be interested in hosting me when I come to your area!  

May: Alaska- Anchorage, Nome

June: TBD depending on funding


 Wireless Internet 

 I'm always looking for free WiFi to update my blog and upload photos.



There is always a way to make things work. I'm loving letting go and submitting to innovation and creativity to fuel this journey. I'm open to entertaining any networking opportunities or ideas you have to offer!



The Birding Project is pleased to partner with WIDECAST, promoting marine and seabird conservation, benefitting beach-nesting birds and protects sea turtle habitat. 

WIDECAST is a verified Non-profit 501(c)(3) handling all tax-deductible contributions to The Birding Project made by check or through their website,  

Please note 'The Birding Project' in the specified comment box on Widecast's donation site



As web traffic continues to grow exponentially, so do opportunities for your business to showcase a product or service. Organizations that desire to support ecotourism, community building, and education can submit a request to partner with the Birding Project. We are currently reaching out to potential sponsors shortly, and promoting on social media.

Thank you for your consideration. 


donations can be made tax-deductible, through or directly through Paypal below