The Birding Project is an EPIC Big Year Adventure.


Engage       others with birds to promote learning 

Preserve    Bird habitat in urban and rural areas

Inspire        people to explore the outdoors 

Connect     people and birds using technology





It's time to tackle the sparrows, gulls, and shorebirds of North America with gusto. I am prepared to mis-identify and learn the finer points of identification one bird at a time, making mistakes and learning from some of the best birders in North America.  I aim to positively represent birders through practicing ethical behavior outlined by the ABA's Code of Birding Ethics, and being a friendly ambassador for birding to the general public.

Interview Birders across the ABA Area 

Birders are as diverse as the winged creatures they pursue. My goal this year is to meet and interview 365 birders, recording their stories, insights, and perspectives on birding in a changing world. I will also photograph and share their stories on The Birding Project's blog.


My goal isn't to break the ABA Big Year record. (I just heard at least one sigh of relief)  However I will become a better birder through exposure to nearly all of the birds North America has to offer. Don't worry, I have the rest of my life to find Gray-headed Chickadee in remote Alaska.


PRODUCTS of the birding project



Inspired by best-selling book and blog Humans of New York, I am focused on interviewing birders I meet throughout the year. The goal of my blog is to share their advice to new birders, learn from their experience, and illustrate through digital storytelling how we are all connected as a community. 


Photo Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words. Glimpse how I see the world through my lens: bird by bird. 


Test innovative Birding Products

The Birding Project aims to help birders improve the quality of their birding experience, through sharing new and innovative products on the birding market. From optics to outerwear, having the right gear is an essential part to maximizing your experience in the field. We test new birding products, and help companies gain exposure to the birding market through targeted advertising.



My Life in Birds follows Christian Hagenlocher's life story, from missing an Aztec Thrush to seeing a Zenaida Dove. This book explores his personal journey from finding his first feather, to teaching High School Biology and leading trips around the world as an educator. He explores connections between education and conservation in the birding community, navigates the introduction of technology with birding in the 21st century, and reminisces on his development as a birder, one bird at a time.  


All photography provided by Christian Hagenlocher