COMING SOON: Falcon Freeway: A Big Year of Birding on a Budget

Available for pre-order at The Biggest Week, and as an eBook and audiobook on September 12, 2019

Check out this video about my 2016 Big Year! Filmed in March of 2016, there was still much uncertainty about how the year would go. Video sponsored and produced by Maven Optics.


The Birding Project is EPIC

Which is an acronym for:


Engage others with birds, to promote learning 

Preserve bird habitat in urban and rural areas

Inspire people to explore the outdoors 

Connect people and birds using technology




Interview Birders across the ABA Area 

Since 2016, I've met and interviewed hundreds of  birders, recording their stories, insights, and perspectives on birding in our changing world. These stories have been organized into a  digital archive and will be unveiled through some exciting new collaborations! You can read some of these stories on our blog.


Seeing over 700 species has undoubtedly has made me a better birder. I learned the finer points of sparrow, gull, and shorebird identification one bird at a time, making mistakes and learning from some of the best birders in North America.  I aim to positively represent birders through practicing ethical behavior outlined by the ABA's Code of Birding Ethics, and being a friendly ambassador for birding to the general public.




Photo Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words. Glimpse how I see the world through my lens: bird by bird. 



Falcon Freeway follows Christian Hagenlocher's life story, from humble beginnings to choosing to tackle his biggest life goal. This book explores his personal journey from finding his first feather, to teaching High School Biology and leading trips around the world as an educator. He explores connections between education and conservation in the birding community, navigates the introduction of technology with birding in the 21st century, and reminisces on his development as a birder, one bird at a time.  Falcon Freeway will be available in September 2019 in print and available for pre-order at The Biggest Week in American Birding.