The first printing of Falcon Freeway: A Big Year of Birding on a Budget has just shipped from the printers! Read below what others have to say about it, and order your copy today.

This book is hard to put down
— Bruce M. Beehler, author of North On the Wing

Have you ever wondered what it was like to do a Big Year, trying to see as many birds as possible in the U.S. and Canada in one calendar year? When you read Falcon Freeway you will almost feel the cold air above the Arctic Circle and the scorching heat of a desert in summer. You will feel like you have traveled to the extreme corners of the continent. You will feel the rush of excitement during a chase and gritting it out through a tough miss. You will be doing all of this with the challenges of a budget. Logistics become far more difficult. Spend nights sleeping in a car or out under the stars. And you will feel the courage it takes to face adversity with grace. I think you’ll enjoy this account of one of birding’s most epic adventures—a Big Year!

-Greg Miller, Big Year Birder and portrayed by Jack Black in Hollywood film The Big Year


Our Mission:


The Birding Project provides educational programs, guided field trips, and hands-on experiential education opportunities for learners of all ages.

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How We Began

The Birding Project started as an EPIC Big Year, with the purpose to Engage, Preserve, Inspire, and Connect people with birds everywhere.

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The Vision


I started The Birding Project in 2016, with no job, almost no money, and a Subaru Outback with a full tank of gas. I wanted to see more birds.

Following my relentless passion for birding and travel, I crossed the continent in search of as many birds as I could find, stopping to interview birders along the way. As Wal-Mart parking lots became a nightly routine, I realized that this nomadic lifestyle was the perfect opportunity to reach a wider audience, and so I began teaching in classrooms across the country and connecting with people everywhere. My "EPIC" Big Year turned into an outreach emphasizing Engagement, Preservation, Inspiration and Conservation.

As an educator, I understand the importance of keeping up with the shifting pedagogies of teaching and learning. This year-long experience of teaching in the field while finishing my Master's degree online was a challenging experience to say the least. Learning and developing myself professionally in this way was something few the opportunity to do. 

Now, I strive to pay it forward, helping other birders, students, teachers, and people connect with nature in new ways.  My hope is to involve other passionate people who share my love for conservation and education, and have The Birding Project "fledge" to new heights! If you are interested in web design, telling birders stories, or outreach, please contact me and join the team!


Christian Hagenlocher
Founder, The Birding Project

Christian takes birding to a whole new level! Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Christian takes birding to a whole new level! Gobi Desert, Mongolia


Our Impact

The Birding Project has reached thousands of people worldwide, through travel, social media, birder interviews, field trips, education, and community service. Now, we want you to join and be a part of connecting people with birds.