Innovative Products

The Birding Project is pleased to test gear for birders, by birders. Here are some featured products we use, from companies we support!

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A company that offers a variety of contemporary stickers, patches and pins for all generations of birders. Even better, Birdnerd donates 10% of sales to conservation.

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The OSU Ornithology Club promotes birding and bird conservation in their community, setting the bar high for clubs and schools around the country. Support them today!

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Have you ever tried to take a picture with your phone and binoculars or a spotting scope, and not been satisfied? Phoneskope solves that problem once and for all.


Incredible Optics


Quality. Performance. Guaranteed.

Each year, more birders switch to Maven. They offer sharp, durable optics at a variety of price points from the new birder looking for their first pair of binoculars, to an experienced birder wanting to invest in their last pair of binoculars they will own. Maven’s high performance optics are competitive with Swarovski, Leica, and Zeiss, hands-down. Want to try a pair? Try them first. Maven offers top-shelf custom optics, all with a lifetime guarantee and customer service that’s hard to beat. Best thing? They are a U.S. company based in Lander, Wyoming.

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Mavenbuilt c.1

A crystal-clear, rugged binocular offered at an affordable price point of $350. The Maven C series delivers. Available in an 8x 10x and 12x magnification. Lifetime warranty and amazing customer service makes Mavenbuilt hard to beat.

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mavenbuilt b.2

The preferred binoculars for Christian’s 2016 Big Year, the B.2 is a larger, heavier binocular perfect for seawatching or birding in windy weather. Fully customizable in a variety of colors, patterns, and engraving options. $1000

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mavenbuilt s.1a sPOTTING SCOPE

Maven’s flagship scope is waterproof, rugged, and crystal-clear. Designed with top-shelf glass and protected by a rugged housing, this scope is built to last. Includes a lifetime guarantee you’ll never have to use. $1890


Use The Birding Project’s code ‘BPGIFT’ during checkout, and receive free stuff. It’s that simple.



“An incredible piece of art”

A rising bird artist creates amazing composite bird drawings, from dozens of species of birds

andrew guttenburg - artist

Montana-based artist Andrew Guttenberg is well-known for his realistic portrayal of bird species worldwide. He has created artwork for the American Birding Association, Montana Birds, and illustrated his first book Falcon Freeway. Employing mediums including colored pencil, gouache, and pen and ink, Andrew’s talent shows through his attention to detail and composition. Need to commission bird artwork for your next festival, or just looking for the perfect gift for the bird-enthusiast in your life? Contact Andrew at