land acquisition and management

Are you wanting to invest in conservation projects but you’re unsure where to put your money to good use? Do you want to make a positive impact through restoring ecosystems, conserving a specific species, or supporting a project but you don’t know how? This is where our team can help guide you to make a lasting difference. There are many worthwhile conservation projects, non-profits, and investment opportunities, and we can help you select the right avenues for your organization’s philanthropic objectives. Our team is looking to support investors and philanthropists who are have the desire to conserve land purposefully, with an effort to conserve species and connect habitat.

develop a conservation plan

With a growing shift in thought towards conservation and sustainability, we aim to support organizations and individuals looking to change their ecological footprint. From designing outdoor spaces at schools and nature centers to remodeling your own backyard to be wildlife-friendly, we can help design a space that benefits native wildlife and maximizes your enjoyment for years to come.

integrate birds into digital media

Since the inception of Hollywood, films have misrepresented our feathered friends. From the classic scream of a Red-tailed Hawk playing while a Bald Eagle flies across the screen, Hollywood films and soundtracks are full of discrepancies when it comes to birds and nature. Get all of the details on your next project right with the help of experts who know the world’s birds. We provide detailed analysis and feedback of your film, music, or written project, and help you choose the correct references and appearance of birds, their songs/calls, to help ensure the natural history is spot-on. Looking for a live bird to appear on screen? There are a variety of legal hoops to jump through in order to use birds in film accurately. Let us help guide you through this process, and do the work for you.

identify birds accurately

Despite a plethora of identification tools constantly at our fingertips (see ‘Resources’) sometimes identifying a single bird can be hard. Take the guess-work out of it by submitting a photo, video, or audio clip to be analyzed and identified by the experts.

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Do you have a project idea you don’t see addressed here? Contact us and let’s brainstorm! We are always willing to help, and want to be the solution to your problem. If it’s out of our league, we will help refer you to the right person.




Christian Hagenlocher earned his Master’s Degree in Education and Innovation, with a certificate in Education for Global Sustainability. He is driven by both education and conservation, and has combined this focus with his passion for birds to help others strategically manage habitat to benefit native wildlife. Backed by teaching experience, Christian is driven to connect people with the natural landscape in both a meaningful and long-lasting way. Supported by a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Christian works directly with clients to help them accomplish their goals to make a tangible difference in a dynamic and constantly-changing world.