Will and Kathy

You get to meet the most interesting people. That’s part of the joy of birding!

How did you get started birding?

Kathy:   I don't remember having  a spark bird. We started birding back in the early 70s before we were actually married. We've been interested ever since.

Will:  You can just bird everywhere.

Kathy:  You walk outside your door, you have birds. You've got sandhill cranes beating on your car. You've got a Great Egret that walks through looking for bugs, that happened last week. We've enjoyed traveling and birding, and nature. 


I met Kathy and Will on the observation platform before sunrise at the Attwater Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge just west of Katy, Texas. We stayed on the platform for several hours, glassing the fields and listening for booming, which wasn't to be heard. I watched the biologists drive their white trucks around the refuge, tracking Prairie Chickens, so I knew they were out there! We had a great time visiting about birds, binoculars, photography, and innovation. It was a pleasure meeting another wonderful couple in the field! Kathy is right, you sure do meet interesting people!