Thoughts from Teens


Madelyne -16?

Madelyne -16?

Explore everywhere that you can. Go whenever you can to see new birds. Be patient. Study the sounds and learn the different field marks that birds have.
— Madelyne, 16


Birding is Awesome! Extraordinary! Unique!
— Harry, 16


[Hog Island] is a beautiful area. I’ve never been in a place where so many people know so much. I’ve taken in so much knowledge in the last 24 hours... It’s crazy!
— Max, 17


My brother’s name is Peregrine but we call him Perry. He’s named after the Peregrine Falcon. My sister is named after the Carolina Wren because one flew into the house when my parents were trying to decide what to call her.
— Eliza

Eliza started birding about a year ago. She starting going birding with her dad, who promised her when she was young to take her to see her favorite bird, the Resplendent Quetzal in Costa Rica. He made good on his promise, and she saw two in Monteverde! She's interested in seeing unique habitats and unique birds, like Ptarmigans in Colorado. 


My favorite bird is the Red Knot because of the challenges it faces but it continues to make a remarkable migration across the globe and that represents the hope for the conservation of birds.
— Patrick, 14


Birding is something that can get me out of the hustle and bustle of the city and into nature more often than I usually do.
— Ian, 15


These past few days on Hog Island, I've talked with dozens of teen birders from around the country. I wanted to share with you some of their thoughts about birds and birding from our interviews. It's amazing to hear the depth of their answers to some of the same questions I've been asking adults. They are thoughtful, unselfish, question-driven, and enthusiastic. After 24 hours of being on the island together, I watched new friendships form and saw many examples of camaraderie. After meeting and birding with this group of young conservationists, I am optimistic for the future of birds and birding.