It's 10:00pm and I'm sitting in the Boston International airport. I don't have a flight out, or even a ticket booked. I've been going nonstop since I left Seattle, sleeping for a few hours last night before birding Race Point all day today. Only minutes ago I paused and took a breath, realizing for the first time today that the year is about to end and pondering what that means. I'm still soaking it in, and recording my thoughts and reflections. 


Regardless of what I choose to do next, the story of my year is written. It is a precarious feeling, one I can't white put into words yet- at least three others know this feeling well. "Big" is an understatement; it has been a Herculean year. There is so much I want to share now, but it's simply not possible for my tired fingers to type it all out on my iPhone.

My "final" list will be published by the ABA in the next week. Dovekie will not be on it, despite seeing a tiny black and white alcid today that couldn't have been anything else. I was told, "That's the look you'll get" but as it is my list and decision, I will add it to a growing list of birds to be pursued in 2017 and beyond. I've learned so much today, and had a fascinating interview I'll share later. The tables turned, and I was interviewed by a local paper today. I'll share the article when it's published. 


I have a new blog coming soon- first I need to figure out how I'm getting home, then get some sleep. Then add photos. 


What will 2017 bring? I will spent some time compiling my numbers, photos, and interviews. The Birding Project continues, despite the "Big Year" efforts concluding. I'm now shifting towards the education and outreach part of the Project. I'll be continuing to publish blog posts from this year "filling the gaps" in my story- it should be fun to follow along! Also now that the birding is finished, expect a new layout of my website!

Finally, I'll be giving several different talks about my Big Year across the country at various venues. If you'd like to schedule a talk for your Audubon or school group, send me an email! I'd love to share what I've learned, and tell a story that will inspire you to get outside and go birding! 


Safe and happy New Year to you all. Thank you for your support, encouragement, and positive thoughts this year! Thank you for being part of my adventure. 

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