Work, Watch (birds) and Play

Since last week's Florida Keys "chase" trip, I've been busy working every day to save money for my next birding adventure: heading west! 

Life on an island has a different pace than most places. Here on Little St. Simons, the day is governed only by the meal schedule. I ring the bell at 9am for breakfast, 1pm for lunch, and 6pm for cocktail hour which precedes dinner. The bell hangs on the porch, and is one of the louder sounds on the island. The usual hum of traffic we are accustomed to hearing daily is absent here;  bicycles are the primary source of transportation around the island's unpaved roads.  On island excursions, guests ride in the back of the white naturalist trucks on padded benches. Depending on the day, the boat brings over new guests twice throughout the day- or in the past week- not at all. We had a group reserve the whole island, and it was a pleasure to get to know and serve them meals as I worked each day. The small pieces of free time, I've been designing pieces of my website that aren't visible yet to users- focused on Education side of The Birding Project. I'm also working on lesson plans for my upcoming teaching in Colorado. I appreciate your flexibility (yes... you- the reader!) in waiting for more blog posts to be revealed as I trim down my story into bite-sized pieces to share with those hungry for adventure! 

Tonight I'm leaving Georgia, and driving onwards in my journey to connect people with nature. I'm heading west, first to Texas to chase some of the more recent rare birds in the Rio Grande Valley, and then go north to Colorado to an alternative high school that has invited me to teach their students about birds and talk about my Big Year.  I'll be sure to post some images and bird updates on Facebook! Thank you for being part of my journey.