Nancy and John

Birding is... A reason to keep moving!
— John

If you could meet any deceased birder, who would it be and why?

Nancy:   Phoebe Snetsinger. Just having read her book [Birding on Borrowed Time] I would want to know what the trigger was for her that she was able to walk away from her kids. She didn't even come home to her kids' weddings... and died birding! 

John:  Ted Parker. He was killed in a helicopter accident. Kenn Kaufman told us he's the best birder he's ever met. If he'd lived to be current age he would have been world-renowned. 

Birding is...

N: Getting out, for me. I love the out of doors. I love to just get away from it all.

J: A reason to keep moving! 


I enjoyed meeting Nancy and John, two birders who like me were visiting Texas hill country, hoping to see a Black-capped Vireo. Luckily, we were all in the right place at the right time, and got some amazing views of singing males right near the road. I'm grateful I had a chance to visit with such a lovely couple!