Immerse yourself in nature as much as possible.

How did you start birding? 

My father. He always had an interest in birds. I've kind of taken my interest of birds into an obsession. He definitely gave me a push, and I had an interest in birds at a young age.

As a millennial, we've grown up using technology at our disposal. How has this helped you as a birder?

It's definitely helped me identify some birds that initially stumped me. I use eBird to figure out where the hotspots are. Other than that, I usually just use an old-fashioned paper and pictures [field guide].

Birding is...

Birding for me is very addictive. I need it. I need my weekly dose of it. At times I find it really dorky, but in the coolest way possible. [laughs]

I love it, it's great.