A Panoramic Year

North America is a beautiful continent, full of biodiversity and amazing landscapes. While doing an ABA Big Year, one is fortunate enough to visit a wide variety of places to find birds.

Thanks to the iPhone, taking panoramic shots has never been easier. 

I hope you enjoy a sampling of some of the places I visited in 2016.

How many places do you recognize? (Answers are at bottom)

Texas (x3) Little St. Simons Island GA, Utah (x3), Colorado, Dry Tortugas FL, Texas Coast, Grand Canyon, Cruise Ship Victoria BC, Attu AK, Palmer AK, Unknown Beach,  Ruby Mountains NV, Glacier National Park MT, Gambell, Barrow, Adak Alaska, Mount Rainier WA (x2) U.S/Mexico Border fence AZ, Cape Spear Newfoundland, Frozen lake, somewhere in Alaska, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument AZ