I didn’t know anybody who owned binoculars. It took me years to go on a field trip. I didn’t even know what a field trip was.
I didn’t know anything about birds. Didn’t own a book, I didn’t have binoculars. I built a birdhouse and something moved in. I had to get the book and see what it was- a Tree Swallow, in upstate New York!


During our interview, I stepped too close to the edge of the edge of a steep drop off next to a dark glassy pond that most certainly was an alligator lair. Dotty quickly told me not to fall in, to which I assured her I wouldn't. "Once a mother, always a mother" came the loving reply.

Today I wished I had 10 years to bird around the country, so I could spend a full day birding with duos like the pair I met today. Thank you both for bringing a smile to my face. I'm sure that the Red-cockaded woodpeckers are out there somewhere.